Edinburgh East Save Our Services Meeting

6.30pm Tuesday 16th June 2015                                                                                      Northfield Community Centre, Northfield Road EH8 7PP                                                      Open organising meeting for people in the east of the City to organise against public sector cuts, privatisation and welfare reform.

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Don’t Cut Day Time Adult Education Classes

adult educationDay Time Adult Education classes are under threat across the City of Edinburgh. We at Craigroyston Community High School are campaigning to save our day time classes. There has been a change in the way money raised through lets and classes is allocated.  Rather than the money going to the school it will now go directly to The City of Edinburgh Council. This undermines the incentive for schools to run Adult Day Time classes and this will have a profound impact on Adult Learners.

Please support our Campaign to save Adult Education Day Time classes not only at Craigroyston Community High School but city wide as well.

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Strajk!: Polish Miners Solidarity Demonstration


Date: Tuesday the 10th of March 2015

Time: 6pm to 7pm

Location: Polish Consulate  2 Kinnear Road, EH3 5 Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Join us at 6pm, on Tuesday the 10th of March, outside the Polish Consulate at 6pm, to demonstrate that the people of Scotland stand in solidarity with the people of Poland as they face bitter confrontations over their working rights and conditions.

Sparked by threats of mine closures, job losses and the extension of the week from 5 to 6 days with no pay increase, Miners in the Polish city of Jastrzebie were on strike.

Further protests have taken place in solidarity with ten sacked Trade Union Activists who tried to organise solidarity action to support the workers facing these savage attacks on their working rights and conditions.

The response to these protests was brutal.

On the 2nd and 9th of February, tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets were fired at unarmed protesters.

As internationalists we firmly believe that an injury to one is an injury to all. The Polish and Scottish workers living side by side in Edinburgh have far more in common than any of us do with our own national ruling classes.

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This has been written up as a solidarity motion for Trade Unions etc. Feel free to propose it at your TU or political party etc. branch.

Solidarity With Unemployed Activist Arrested For Representing A Jobseeker – Day Of Action At Jobcentres Britain-Wide 25 February 2015

We must fight back against this clear attempt to intimidate claimants and deny us the right to be accompanied and represented.  Tony will be in court in Forfar on 25th February facing charges of  “threatening behaviour, refusing to give his name and address and resisting arrest”.   That same day we call on people to descend on jobcentres round Britain to show solidarity with Tony and distribute info to claimants urging all to exercise the right to be accompanied and represented at all benefits interviews.

As we face unprecedented sanctions and benefits cuts, its more important than ever that we support each other and stand up to the DWP bullies.  The Scottish Unemployed Workers Network, Dundee Against Welfare Sanctions and other groups have established a strong presence at the Jobcentres in Dundee and in nearby towns and cities like Arbroath, Perth and Blairgowrie, supporting claimants in opposing sanctions and harassment.

What Happened At Arbroath Job Centre

On 29 January Tony was accompanying a vulnerable woman claimant, who suffers from severe dyslexia and literacy problems. The claimant, D, had been signed up to the Universal Job Match (UJM), the computerised job search system, and was being forced to complete five job searches per day, the pressure of which had led to her having several panic attacks.  Tony proposed that D’s UJM account be closed, and that her number of job searches be significantly reduced.  The adviser refused to consider this, and so Tony and D met with the Jobcentre manager.

The manager likewise refused to even look at the issue, falsely claiming that all jobseekers had to be registered with UJM.  She even suggested to D that she should arrange another meeting without Tony or any other witness or rep present. Despite the pressure D was being put under by the manager, she replied that she would not attend another meeting without Tony. At this point the manager demanded that Tony leave the building or the police would be called. Tony refused to leave, but the meeting ended when it was agreed that a further meeting be arranged to discuss the issue further.  Tony was arrested after he left the Jobcentre.

The Right To Be Accompanied

The right of claimants to be accompanied to interviews, and for the accompanier to have the right to speak, has been established by groups like Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty, who have forced the DWP locally and Britain-wide to apologise for calling the police on ECAP reps, and to affirm claimants right to representation.  The DWP clearly state “Claimants accessing Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) benefits and services can have someone to accompany them to act on their behalf…”

The attack on benefits and claimants is part of the austerity assault on the entire working class.  We call on all unemployed and claimants groups, anti cuts and anti austerity groups, human rights groups, workplace activists, and all working class people, waged and unwaged, to show solidarity with Tony and the right of the unemployed and all claimants to organise collectively to fight back.

Call out by Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty



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Boycott Workfare http://www.boycottworkfare.org/ 

Disabled People Against Cuts  www.dpac.uk.net

Fuel Poverty Action  http://www.fuelpovertyaction.org.uk

Leamington Claimants Union

Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth

Industrial Workers of the World  – Edinburgh, Cymru and Greece

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Where To Find Us

EDINBURGH COALITION AGAINST POVERTY is based at the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh (ACE), an open campaign space, infoshop and wholefoods co-op, providing resources and solidarity. Resources available include computer/internet access, cheap copying, free leaflets, books, pamphlets and mags for sale, a small wholefoods shop, and a library.
Every tuesday from 12 noon till 3pm support and solidarity is available for benefits and debt hassles, housing and other problems.  Please contact us at Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty c/o ACE, 17 West Montgomery Place, Edinburgh EH7 5HA   0131 557 6242 ecap@lists.riseup.net   We invite you to join our solidarity phone tree, and get involved.
ACE is also open every Saturday 11am-6pm and Thursday 6-8pm, and other times for particular events (but the support and solidarity sessions are only on Tuesdays).

Scotland stands with Greece – Anti-austerity demonstration planned from Holyrood to Greek consulate

“Scotland stands with Greece”: Anti-austerity demonstration planned from Holyrood to Greek consulate

Date: Saturday 14th February 2015

Time: 12.00

Location: The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

RIC, STUC, Syriza Scotland, Podemos Scotland and anti-austerity groups set for Valentine’s Day march

HUNDREDS of demonstrators are expected to march from the Scottish Parliament to the Greek consulate on 14 February, Valentine’s Day, to show solidarity with Greece and its Syriza government in its battle with the EU to end austerity measures that, they claim, have impoverished the country.

The demonstration, ‘Democracy vs Austerity: Scotland stands with Greece’, has been called by the Radical Independence Campaign (RIC), and is an attempt to swing Scottish opinion behind the radical left Syriza party, which now heads up a government with an anti-austerity mandate following the Greek elections on 25 January.

Jonathon Shafi, RIC co-founder and an organiser of the demonstration, argued that the context of international solidarity is crucial.

“It is vital that the anti-austerity movement all over Europe stands shoulder to shoulder with the people of Greece,” Shafi said. “Syriza offers a beacon of hope, but the ECB are unrelenting and viciously opposed to progress based on a social alternative to austerity.

“We can only defeat austerity on an international basis, and that is why the Democracy vs Austerity rally on Saturday is important,” Shafi added.

Syriza are locked in negotiations with the EU over trying to come to an agreement about a financial plan for the country, ahead of a 28 February deadline where, if no deal is done, Greece would effectively default on its debts. Syriza says an end to EU-imposed austerity policies in Greece is essential to end the “humanitarian crisis” in the country, with record breaking levels of unemployment.

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC), which represents trade unions in Scotland, will also be represented at the demonstration, and General Secretary Grahame Smith believes the Scottish Government and “all of the parties of the parliament” should be backing the Greek Government’s strategy.

“The overwhelming support for anti-austerity parties in the Greek election and the election of Syriza represents a key moment in the battle against austerity economics in Europe,” Smith told CommonSpace. “Their entirely sensible proposals for promoting economic recovery including renegotiation of debt, investment for growth, tax reform and protection of workers and ordinary people – is an entirely orthodox approach that has been championed by mainstream economists globally.

“Working people in Greece did not cause the crisis any more than did workers in Scotland and they should not be bearing the brunt now,” Smith added.

“The STUC calls on the Scottish Government and all of the parties of the Parliament to express its support for the Greek Government’s strategy and to put whatever pressure it is able to on the European and world institutions which make up the Troika”

The Scottish Government has said the Greek election result should be “respected”, but Smith believes it should be putting pressure to bear on the powers at be in Brussels.

“The STUC calls on the Scottish Government and all of the parties of the Parliament to express its support for the Greek Government’s strategy and to put whatever pressure it is able to on the European and world institutions which make up the Troika, as well as the major European powers, to adopt a serious and constructive negotiating stance,” Smith said.

The rise of Syriza from fringe party to government has given a boost to the left across Europe, including in Spain where anti-austerity party Podemos is challenging to become the leading party in October’s Spanish elections.

Podemos Scotland and Syriza Scotland are both supporting Saturday’s demonstration, and Dr Myrto Tsakatika from Syriza Scotland told CommonSpace that there is now a burgeoning European anti-austerity movement.

“The citizens of Greece voted to reverse the politics of extreme austerity. They are fighting tooth and nail to have their democratic right to choose respected. A movement of solidarity is growing across Europe and the world. It is not a just a movement in support of the Greeks, it is a movement to reclaim the power that markets and financial institutions have taken from us. Join us on Saturday, make your voice heard,” Tsakatika stated.

Lynne Henderson, vice chair of People’s Assembly Scotland, an anti-austerity campaign, will also be speaking at the demonstration, and said Syriza’s “stunning election victory is an inspiration to those of us who know there is an alternative to this austerity gloom”.

Henderson added that a note of caution was necessary, as the anti-austerity movement shouldn’t look at Syriza through “rose-tinted spectacles”.

“We must be careful not to only look through rose tinted spectacles and to recognise the economic limits to the concessions that Syriza is offering, the requirement for coalition with right wing forces, the acceptance of Nato membership and so on,” Henderson said. “However, the People’s Assembly Against Austerity Scotland stands with the people of Greece and their democratically elected government in their mandate to oppose austerity. They will be challenged by the Troika, the establishment and by home-grown oligarchs. It is our job to stand with them.”

The demonstration begins at 12 noon outside the Scottish Parliament, before making its way to the Greek consulate at 12 Queens Crescent.

Reprinted with kind permission from Ben Wray  @Ben_Wray1989

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Radical Independence Campaign


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Scottish Left Project


Lobby The City Council – Thursday 12th February 2015

Date: Thursday 12th February 2015

Time: 8.30am – 10am

Location: City Chambers, High Street, Edinburgh

The Council is having its budget meeting on 12/2/2015. On that day it will set its budget for 2015/2016 and will agree on ways to make savings/cuts of £22 million with more and bigger cuts in the following two financial years.

Community and local trade union organisations will be lobbying the Council meeting and we appeal for public support. There will be a lobby outside the City Chambers from 8.30am to 10.00am. Everyone is welcome to attend demanding that there should not be cuts in vital services such as social care.

Edinburgh TUC will ask for a deputation to be heard by the Council. Its deputation will speak to the paper that Edinburgh TUC has submitted to the Council in response to its budget consultation.

We believe that some of the savings/cuts proposed in the Councils draft budget will have a negative and discriminatory effect on older people, women and disabled people.!

Our overall recommendation and plea to the Council is that its Budget Meeting on 12/2/2015 consider a motion to the Scottish Government demanding extra powers and additional finance to render unfair and counter-productive cuts and savings unnecessary. The Council must call on all Edinburgh MSPs and MPs to support its motion regardless of political party. The Council should convene a civic conference and ask a range of community organisations to back its demand for extra resources. The Council should lead a campaign to make sure we keep the services we need for a decent quality of life. The Council should actively promote good public services whether provided directly by the Council or indirectly by subcontracting.

Anti workfare protestors shut down Edinburgh charity shops

Shutting down workfare exploiter Salvation Army

Shutting down workfare exploiter Salvation Army

Anti workfare demonstrators closed down two Edinburgh charity shops involved in the government’s exploitative workfare schemes on Saturday 31st January. Protestors blockaded the entrance to the large Salvation Army shop on Earl Grey Street with a huge banner : IF YOU EXPLOIT US WE WILL SHUT YOU DOWN.   For two hours the shop was virtually empty. 

The action then switched to the DEBRA charity shop on Marchmont Crescent, another user of the compulsory “work-for-your-benefits” schemes.  Demonstrators briefly occupied the shop, then completely blockaded it, the closure completed by the manager bolting shut the wooden door.  Simultaneously protestors besieged the Salvation Army shop in Broughty Ferry, by Dundee.

Half a dozen police were waiting for the demonstrators at the Salvation Army but were unable to break the blockade by around 40 protestors.  Unity between the sick and disabled, the unemployed and workers was shown by the banners from Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty, the Industrial Workers of the World and Black Triangle, displayed alongside placards proclaiming NO WORKFARE – NO SANCTIONS – NO AUSTERITY, and STUFF WORKFARE : NO WAGE SLAVERY : NO DOLE SLAVERY.

“Shut down the Salvation Army workhouse” was the cry from the megaphone, and speeches and chants emphasised that the battle against workfare was part of the wider international class struggle against capitalism.  Around 500 leaflets were distributed, declaring “Workfare undermines all workers’ wages and conditions and is an attack on waged and unwaged alike.”


Many passers-by expressed support, one man explaining that his partner, who could only walk with the aid of a stick, was recently told she had to report to the Salvation Army for forced labour, or lose her benefits.  The Salvation Army uses the free labour of unemployed people compelled to work for their benefits on the Mandatory Work Activity scheme, run locally by Learndirect.  It also is a major player in the Work Programme, whereby even sick and disabled people can be forced to work for nothing or face having their disability benefits cut.  This action is the latest in a series of demos against the Salvation Army – last year local shop managers claimed they no longer participated in Mandatory Work Activity but in the last few weeks claimants have revealed to ECAP that the Sally Army are indeed still involved.

Anti workfare blockade of DEBRA in Marchmont, Edinburgh

Anti workfare blockade of DEBRA in Marchmont, Edinburgh

The demonstrators targetted DEBRA as claimants have told ECAP about their use of Mandatory Work Activity, run by Learndirect. Protestors blockaded their Stockbridge shop in December, after which DEBRA promised to discuss the issue at their UK-wide Senior Management Team.  However the DEBRA bosses merely re-iterated their weak excuses for participating in the exploiting schemes.  Now they know – if you exploit us, we will shut you down.


Esther McDonald of ECAP said: “We think the action was very successful.  We urge all claimants to contact us and get involved in resisting workfare, sanctions, the attacks on sick and disabled claimants and the whole disgusting war on the poor. If every workfare placement was met by even a small demo then workfare could not continue. Waged or unwaged, we are all under attack and need to resist together.  Collective direct action can make austerity unworkable.”

Saturday shoppers in Broughty Ferry were met with a picket outside the Salvation Army shop. Scottish Unemployed Workers’ Network activists handed out hundreds of leaflets explaining that the Salvation Army uses people who are unemployed and are forced to work for no pay or lose their benefits. Alongside ‘end slave labour’ and similar slogans, placards included biblical texts such as ‘the labourer is worthy of his reward’ (1 Timothy 5:18)

Sarah Glynn, secretary of the SUWN, explained :‘Many big employers have been shamed into stopping this exploitation and over 500 charities have signed an agreement to ‘Keep Volunteering Voluntary’ and not participate in Government workfare schemes. But so far the Salvation Army seems happy to go on exploiting the very people they were set up to help. The SUWN is planning further protests in front of the Salvation Army and other exploiters of forced labour …”

Employment : a prison of stolen time... Stuff Workfare....

Employment : a prison of stolen time… Stuff Workfare….

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About The Edinburgh Protest

Video of Edinburgh demo at Salvation Army

The Edinburgh demos were organised by ECAP and the IWW :

ECAP www.edinburghagainstpoverty.org.uk  ecap@lists.riseup.net  https://www.facebook.com/edinburghagainstpoverty (includes photos of the demos) and ECAP on twitter

IWW www.iww.org.uk  eastscotland@iww.org.uk

Other participants included Black Triangle and Glasgow Anarchist Collective  (GAC Facebook includes photos and videos of Saturdays protest -thanks to GAC for two of photos here)

About The Dundee Protest

Dundee protest (Scottish Unemployed Workers Network facebook)

Actions against workfare are happening round Britain – see www.boycottworkfare.org

Keep Volunteering Voluntary

About Resisting Workfare

Info on resisting workfare here and here

Guide to resisting sanctions

The right to be accompanied to benefits interviews

This right was attacked by managers at Arbroath Job Centre who on 29 January called the police to arrest a Scottish Unemployed Workers Network activist accompanying a claimant.  Solidarity demo at Arbroath Job Centre 5th February at 1pm. More info at https://www.facebook.com/scottishunemployedworkersnetwork

Making austerity unworkable in Scotland : From Yes to Action

Tell Debra and the Salvation Army that they should keep volunteering voluntary and pull out of workfare -

DEBRA contact details

Salvation Army in Edinburgh           Salvation Army UK contact details

Where To Find Us

EDINBURGH COALITION AGAINST POVERTY is based at the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh (ACE), an open campaign space, infoshop and wholefoods co-op, providing resources and solidarity. Resources available include computer/internet access, cheap copying, free leaflets, books, pamphlets and mags for sale, a small wholefoods shop, and a library.
Every tuesday from 12 noon till 3pm support and solidarity is available for benefits and debt hassles, housing and other problems.  Please contact us at Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty c/o ACE, 17 West Montgomery Place, Edinburgh EH7 5HA   0131 557 6242 ecap@lists.riseup.net   We invite you to join our solidarity phone tree, and get involved.
ACE is also open every Saturday 11am-6pm and Thursday 6-8pm, and other times for particular events (but the support and solidarity sessions are only on Tuesdays).

How does the Council budget really affect people? Listen to Steve’s story

Steve is in his late sixties. He has a learning disability and suffers from mental health problems. He has spent most of his life in psychiatric institutions. During the decades he spent detained on locked wards he suffered both physical and sexual abuse.

In the last 15 years his life has improved dramatically. He now lives in his own flat but needs support workers to be with him at all times.

He is supported by a small voluntary sector organisation. The funding for this is provided by Edinburgh Council. In the last few years this funding has been cut by 25%. Budgets have been slashed, offices closed and his support workers’ wages have fallen by over £2000 in the last 8 years. The organisation now struggles to recruit new staff to provide the service on which he depends. Continue reading