Edinburgh East Save Our Services Meeting

6.30pm Tuesday 16th June 2015                                                                                      Northfield Community Centre, Northfield Road EH8 7PP                                                      Open organising meeting for people in the east of the City to organise against public sector cuts, privatisation and welfare reform.

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Don’t Cut Day Time Adult Education Classes

adult educationDay Time Adult Education classes are under threat across the City of Edinburgh. We at Craigroyston Community High School are campaigning to save our day time classes. There has been a change in the way money raised through lets and classes is allocated.  Rather than the money going to the school it will now go directly to The City of Edinburgh Council. This undermines the incentive for schools to run Adult Day Time classes and this will have a profound impact on Adult Learners.

Please support our Campaign to save Adult Education Day Time classes not only at Craigroyston Community High School but city wide as well.

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How does the Council budget really affect people? Listen to Steve’s story

Steve is in his late sixties. He has a learning disability and suffers from mental health problems. He has spent most of his life in psychiatric institutions. During the decades he spent detained on locked wards he suffered both physical and sexual abuse.

In the last 15 years his life has improved dramatically. He now lives in his own flat but needs support workers to be with him at all times.

He is supported by a small voluntary sector organisation. The funding for this is provided by Edinburgh Council. In the last few years this funding has been cut by 25%. Budgets have been slashed, offices closed and his support workers’ wages have fallen by over £2000 in the last 8 years. The organisation now struggles to recruit new staff to provide the service on which he depends. Continue reading

Edinburgh Anti-Cuts Alliance Meeting

Carer helps elderly man walk downstairs10am Saturday 17th January 2015                                Augustine Church  41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

Following on from the large public meeting on the 27th November this organising meeting aims to bring together activists to plan a campaign against the cuts to vital services being made by Edinburgh Council.The Council is proposing cuts of £22m for 2015/16, as part of a three-year strategy that will inflict further cuts of £55m and £77m in the next two financial years. This will significantly damage services for those most in need and will be resisted.

All welcome.

Stop Council Budget Cuts – Public Meeting

7pm Thursday 27th November 2014                                                                                       Augustine Church, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

The City of  Edinburgh Council’s draft budget proposals for 2015/6 will significantly damage services for those most in need, say anti-cuts campaigners. They also fear a steep deterioration in terms and conditions for council employees. Resistance to the budget will be organised at a public meeting to be held by community groups and trade unionists at the end of the month. The Council is proposing cuts of £22m, as part of a three-year strategy that will inflict further cuts of £55m and £77m in the next two financial years. Campaigners will be identifying reductions to services for vulnerable people in the capital: they will challenge councillors on how they can support such cuts and still claim to be fulfilling their pledge when they took office in May 2012 to reduce poverty, inequality and deprivation in the city.

The meeting has been organised by a  coalition of organisations including Edinburgh Anti Cuts Alliance, Edinburgh TUC, East Edinburgh Save our Services and UNITE Edinburgh Not For Profit Branch.

Disabled People In Poverty Made To Pay For Social Care

23 councils in Scotland are asking disabled people with incomes below the poverty line to pay care charges. Scotland has a serious problem with poverty and people with learning disabilities are often worst hit.  Yet councils penalise people with learning disabilities who are living below the poverty line by making them pay for their charges.  Continue reading

Demonstrators shut down workfare provider Learndirect in Edinburgh

learndirect 2Demonstrators shut down workfare contractor Learndirect, as the company cancelled its session for jobseekers forced onto the government’s compulsory work-for-your-benefits programmes.  Learndirect’s office in Conference House, Morrison Street was besieged by around 60 protesters denouncing the slave labour schemes.  Learndirect are owned by giant private equity firm LDC, in turn part of Lloyds Banking Group, and are providers for both the Community Work Placements and Mandatory Work Activity schemes. Continue reading