Disabled People In Poverty Made To Pay For Social Care

23 councils in Scotland are asking disabled people with incomes below the poverty line to pay care charges. Scotland has a serious problem with poverty and people with learning disabilities are often worst hit.  Yet councils penalise people with learning disabilities who are living below the poverty line by making them pay for their charges. 
In July of this year the Scottish Government published figures which showed that 16 per cent of the population were living in relative poverty in 2012/13, an increase from 14 per cent the year before. 100 thousand more people had fallen into poverty in just one year bring the total to 820 thousand individuals in Scotland living in relative poverty.
The ESAY project says many people with learning disabilities are living in the poorest areas of Scotland.  Nearly 1 in 4 families with a disabled adult living in the household being in poverty including single disabled people living alone.
But many of these disabled people are being asked to pay for social care.  Any single person under retirement age left with an income of £144 after housing costs, is officially in poverty.
Yet 23 councils across Scotland will ask everyone getting social care with an income of £144 to pay up to £20 a week for help.
People in poverty who already have to pay more for food, heating, spare clothes and transport are now being asked to subsidise councils in the provision of social care services.
All councils can set the level at which charging starts and already 8 councils recognise that you cannot ask people in poverty to pay for social care.  But the other 23 still turn a blind eye to this.
This must stop!
You can get a full list of councils that charge people in poverty for social care on our website.
You can also sign a petition for the abolition of care charges by going to tinyurl.com/nocaretax