Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty Meeting

7pm Monday 24th June 2013                                               Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh,                                                        17 West Montgomery Place EH7 5HA. Open organising meeting. All welcome.

Faced with any of these PROBLEMS ?

  • Bad conditions and insecurity at work
  • Harrassment by sheriff officers and debt collectors
  • Hassles with the Benefits authorities
  • Soaring electricity and gas bills
  • Rip-off landlords and housing problems


  • Don’t suffer in isolation. Don”t accept being ripped-off.
  • Join together with others to stand up for our needs.
  • There is somethiing you can do about it – we have won many victories against the authoriities.

ECAP organises to combat poverty on the principle of solidarity and self- activity in communities and workplaces, actively rejecting influence by any political parties. We work and fight alongside individuals facing poverty related problems and oppressive behaviour from the authorities. We also conduct wider campaigns on specific issues using the same principles of solidarity and self-activity. Our actions are practical examples of the differences we can make in our day-to-day lives by standing up for one another.