North Edinburgh Fights Back

6pm Wednesday 12th February
North Edinburgh Arts Centre, 15a Pennywell Rd
(back of Pennywell shops, by library)  All welcome
Hear how we are beating the bedroom tax
Learn how to fill in the form to claim Discretionary Housing Payment to
cover your bedroom tax

Organised by Muirhouse Anti Bedroom Tax Group and North Edinburgh Fights
Contact us by e-mail; or find us on Facebook

Who we are

We are a group of local people who have come together to oppose the cuts that are being inflicted on our community. We recognise that the economic crisis was not caused by working class people in areas like ours, and yet it is communities like ours that will be worst effected.

Some cuts have already happened: The North Edinburgh News was forced to close;  the Community Organisation for Racial Equality, and the Pilton Youth and Children’s project have had their budgets cut; Granton Information Centre has been cut; Pilton Equalities Project has had to lay off staff. This is just the beginning. Our schools, childcare, and community centres are all under threat. And nationwide, jobs are being cut, our public services like the NHS are under the threat of privatisation, and the benefits that support those less well off are all facing the axe.

North Edinburgh has a long tradition of standing up for itself, and fighting and winning struggles against injustice and inequality. It is that proud tradition that this group aims to follow.

The group is open to people who live and/or work in the area. We meet regularly, so If you would like to get involved please contact us at or come along to our next open organising meeting.