Stop Social Care Charges – Please sign petition

social care chargesSocial care in any form is an equality and human rights issue.  It is an essential part of the infrastructure of a fair and just society which respects, upholds and guarantees the equality and human rights of its citizens.  A society which pursues a policy of charging those who are entitled to use non-residential care services does not do this.  Instead care charging uncompromisingly demands that they pay more than any able bodied person to achieve the same basic human rights.   In some instances it can lead to a disabled individual deciding to forego much needed care and support, a decision which will entail significant risk of harm or further deterioration of an illness or condition.

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New Website Exposes the Stupidity of Benefit Cuts

DWP Unspun from False Economy;

All government departments spin, but the Department for Work and Pensions seems to spin harder and faster than most. Financial Times political correspondent Kiran Stacey describes a typical encounter:

DWP: We’ve got a story for you. Figures show that the benefit cap is working and it hasn’t even been brought in yet.

Me: Really? How do they do that? Continue reading

Stop Social Care Cuts – Working Group Meeting Sat 7th

The Edinburgh Anti Cuts Alliance and Edinburgh TUC are convening a meeting to plan a campaign to  put pressure on the City Council to maintain and improve Social Care. The first working group meeting will take place on Saturday 7th June 2014 within the Augustine Church , George IV Bridge, Edinburgh. The group will meet on this occasion from 10 am to 12.30 pm. Refreshments (tea/coffee – biscuits) will be provided. Continue reading


The recent strike of further education lecturers at Edinburgh College has been described as ‘a classic example of how to conduct a strike’ by the EIS Executive. The bare outlines of what happened make impressive reading.
After three years of no pay rises, lecturers were offered a small pay rise with draconian conditions in tow. Management’s key aim was abolition of a fundamental condition for any teacher – the weekly
class contact maximum in front of students. Continue reading

Patients occupy threatened mental health clinic in Cambridge

A seven-week occupation of a Cambridge NHS mental health clinic in Britain threatened with closure is having more success than past campaigning – is this the way forward?

Service users of a Cambridge NHS mental health clinic, ‘Lifeworks’, have been occupying its Tenison Road building for nearly 8 weeks, in a defiant battle to stop its closure. Messages of support can be sent to  savelifeworks[at] and the petition can be signed online. Continue reading

Greater Leith Against The Cuts Meeting

6.30pm on Tuesday 22nd April 2014 at the Community Flat, Ground Floor, Persevere Court, 10 North Leith Mill, Edinburgh, EH6 6JY.                                                                                                 All welcome.                                                                                     Greater Leith Against The Cuts (GLATC) holds regular meetings in the Leith area to organise against cuts affecting the local community. We also co-ordinate with the Edinburgh Anti-Cuts Alliance and other local community based groups on city-wide and national campaigns.

For more info e-mail us at or contact us on Facebook.


If you exploit us we will shut you down                                                                           Shut down workfare exploiter Salvation Army.
11am onwards Saturday 5th April, continuing over lunchtime
At Salvation Army shop, 36 Earl Grey Street (continuation Lothian Rd, by Tollcross)  EH3 9BN.
Part of the week of action – 29 March – 6 April – against workfare called by Boycott Workfare

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Edinburgh Anti-Cuts Alliance Meeting

6.30pm Thursday 27th March 2014 at Friends Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace

Edinburgh Anti-Cuts Alliance (EACA) seeks to bring Edinburgh’s local anti-cuts groups together with trade unions, service-users’ groups and individuals to organise on a City-wide basis against public sector cuts, privatisation and welfare reform.We are not affiliated to any political party and our meetings are open to all.To get in touch or sign up to get regular e-mail updates contact us at

Scottish Victory Against the Bedroom Tax

The Scottish Anti Bedroom Tax Federation decided to have our National Committee on Sunday 9th February in the Glasgow Unison Offices. After the great news from Wednesday’s budget that the bedroom tax in Scotland is to be fully mitigated, Anti Bedroom Tax Campaigners have hailed this a Victory due to all of the pressure we have put on the Labour Party and the SNP forcing them to finally take action, effectively killing the bedroom tax in Scotland. Continue reading