If you exploit us we will shut you down                                                                           Shut down workfare exploiter Salvation Army.
11am onwards Saturday 5th April, continuing over lunchtime
At Salvation Army shop, 36 Earl Grey Street (continuation Lothian Rd, by Tollcross)  EH3 9BN.
Part of the week of action – 29 March – 6 April – against workfare called by Boycott Workfare

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Video of Edinburgh’s Welcome to Tory Party Conference

Around 700 people took to the streets of Edinburgh last Saturday to protest against the Tory party’s brutal austerity measures as the Scottish Party met for its annual conference.

To see a video of the demonstration made by North Edinburgh Fights Back click here.

Workfare exploiters Salvation Army targeted by Edinburgh protest

Anti workfare campaigners swooped on four Salvation Army shops in Edinburgh on 3rd March, blockading them all and turning away customers and a delivery lorry.  Salvation Army managers were visibly rattled as a giant banner proclaiming IF YOU EXPLOIT US WE WILL SHUT YOU DOWN blocked the entrance to their shops.

At the Bruntsfield Place shop the Salvation Army manager threatened: Continue reading

Meeting to plan protest at the Edinburgh Tory Conference

11am Saturday 11th Jan 2014                Augustine Church, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh.                                                            In March the Scottish Conservative Party will hold their annual conference at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. We need to ensure this event doesn’t pass without a clear message being sent from the people of Edinburgh about what we think of their attacks on workers, disabled people and the unemployed.                                            This meeting is open to all who wish to plan a protest against the March conference.      Hope to see you there!

Anti workfare demonstrators blockade Salvation Army shop in Edinburgh

Demonstrators opposing workfare and sanctions blockaded a large Salvation Army charity shop in central Edinburgh on 7th December.  The approximately 40 protestors included some unemployed people who had themselves been press-ganged to work for nothing in Salvation Army charity shops.

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Protest at Royal Mail float as share price rises by a third

CWU members protested outside the London Stock Exchange this morning as Royal Mail was floated on the stock market. Within minutes of trading, the share price had increased by more than a third, confirming the fears raised by CWU that the taxpayer was set to lose out on the unnecessary privatisation.

“The massive jump in the share price confirms that the government and its expensive city advisors got the pricing structure wrong and have undervalued this treasured national institution” said CWU general secretary Billy Hayes. Continue reading

Bedroom Tax – Council promise to boost Discretionary payments as non-payment soars

“Hit by the bedroom tax?  Apply for Discretionary Housing Payment now!” That was the message from the City of Edinburgh Council meeting on 1st October where anti bedroom tax campaigners addressed the Corporate Policy and Strategy Committee. The Scottish Government has made a “game-changing” £20 million available and at this meeting Edinburgh Council authorised officials to immediately start paying out more Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP). Continue reading

No Bedroom Tax! Protest at Edinburgh Council

Anti-Bedroom Tax Protest and Delegation to City of Edinburgh Council

9.15am Tuesday 1st October 2013

City Chambers, High St

Meeting of Corporate Policy and Strategy committee starts 10am. Come with placards and banners to make your feelings known. A delegation from the Lothian Federation of anti bedroom tax groups will speak at the meeting and emphasise the hardship caused by the tax. Continue reading

Rank and File Jobcentre Workers call for Week of Action

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Demonstrators target Leith Jobcentre in protest over benefit sanctions

Demonstrators besieged Leith Job Centre in Edinburgh on 11th July to oppose the 30% sanctions target set by a new manager there.  Police manhandled protestors who entered the building and announced that the Public Order Act was in force.  Part of the Boycott Workfare Week of Action Against Workfare, the demo denounced all work-for-your-benefits schemes, and proclaimed opposition to the whole austerity programme.
Organised by Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty and supported by Greater Leith Against the Cuts, the demo Continue reading