Lothian Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation response to Edinburgh Council on DHPs

On the 1st October Lothian Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation presented Edinburgh Council with a list of improvements they should make to their Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) scheme. This week the Council responded, failing to agree to the majority of the requests. Read on for the Federation’s response. (DHPs are the money made available to effectively pay the bedroom tax for those that can’t afford it). Continue reading

Poundland case: government defeated again over back-to-work schemes

The government’s “back to work” schemes, which were challenged by a graduate who was made to work for free at Poundland and an HGV driver made to clean furniture, were legally flawed, the UK’s highest court has ruled. The supreme court ruled against the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP), which was attempting to overturn an earlier verdict by the court of appeal.                                                                                                            Click here to read full article from the Guardian.

Glasgow judge finds bedroom tax breaches human rights

Applying the bedroom tax to a couple who cannot share a room because of one partner’s disability is a breach of their human rights, a Scottish tribunal has ruled. A woman with multiple sclerosis won her appeal against Glasgow Council’s decision to apply the 14 per cent deduction for her ‘spare’ bedroom on Friday. Continue reading

Bedroom Tax – Council promise to boost Discretionary payments as non-payment soars

“Hit by the bedroom tax?  Apply for Discretionary Housing Payment now!” That was the message from the City of Edinburgh Council meeting on 1st October where anti bedroom tax campaigners addressed the Corporate Policy and Strategy Committee. The Scottish Government has made a “game-changing” £20 million available and at this meeting Edinburgh Council authorised officials to immediately start paying out more Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP). Continue reading

No Bedroom Tax! Protest at Edinburgh Council

Anti-Bedroom Tax Protest and Delegation to City of Edinburgh Council

9.15am Tuesday 1st October 2013

City Chambers, High St

Meeting of Corporate Policy and Strategy committee starts 10am. Come with placards and banners to make your feelings known. A delegation from the Lothian Federation of anti bedroom tax groups will speak at the meeting and emphasise the hardship caused by the tax. Continue reading

Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty Meeting

7pm Mon 30th September 2013                                              Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh, 17 West Montgomery Place, EH7 5HA.

The coming ECAP monthly meeting comes at a very important time. In the last few months the situation for claimants on JSA and in the WRAG group of ESA has dramatically worsened, claimants’ treatment in the job centres is becoming increasingly brutal. Continue reading

‘Shocking’ bedroom tax should be axed, says UN investigator

Housing expert Raquel Rolnik says policy could constitute a violation of the human right to adequate housing. The United Nations’ special investigator on housing has told the British government it should scrap the bedroom tax, after hearing “shocking” accounts of how the policy was affecting vulnerable citizens during a visit to the UK. Britain’s record on housing was also worsening from a human rights perspective, Raquel Rolnik, the UN special rapporteur on housing, said in a Guardian interview after presenting her preliminary findings to the government. Rolnik, a former urban planning minister in Brazil, said Britain’s previously good record on housing was being eroded by a failure to provide sufficient quantities of affordable social housing, and more recently by the impact of welfare reform. Click here to read the full article from the Guardian.

Bedroom Tax – Edinburgh Council “attacking disabled people”

Anti bedroom tax campaigners from around the Lothians have met in an emergency meeting and issued a statement condemning City of Edinburgh Council’s policy of quizzing people on their expenditure on alcohol, cigarettes and satellite TV and using this information in deciding whether to award tenants Discretionary Housing Payment.

“This has led to newspaper reports portraying DHP claimants as scroungers and wasters. In fact research by the Scottish Government and COSLA reveals that at least 80% of households affected by the bedroom tax contain disabled people,” state the Lothian Federation of Anti Bedroom Tax Groups. Continue reading

Vulnerable Man Saddled With Bedroom Tax Debt Took His Own Life

A vulnerable man who saw his debt increase after being forced to contribute toward his rent due to the coalition government’s controversial ‘bedroom tax’ took his own life, an inquest heard. The coroners court in Bolton heard how Mr Walker, 57, was left saddled with debt due to financial problems and being out of work.

It was also revealed that he had been found ‘fit for work’ following a benefit assessment and had strongly disagreed with the decision. His financial situation worsened and was made intolerable after being told he would have to contribute toward his rent because of the ‘bedroom tax’. Read full article from Welfare News.