The Cruelty in Osborne’s Spending Review

Something happened during Osborne’s Comprehensive Spending Review on Wednesday.
It took a while to sink in, as these things often do.
But a government who had previously at least paid lip service to “protecting the most vulnerable” clearly couldn’t bring themselves to pretend any longer that we’re “All in it together”. Continue reading

Save Social Care! – Petition

George Osborne: Save social care! Let me and all disabled people live with freedom and dignity.            Petition by Angela Murray (Click here to sign)

I’m a 28 year old woman but if they take away my social care it’ll be the end of my life. I’m disabled but I want to enjoy life the way any other young woman can. Thanks to social care I have two volunteer jobs, I can go shopping, see my friends.

But because of the cuts they’re threatening to take this support away Continue reading

250,000 public sector workers strike on budget day

250,000 civil servants in the PCS struck today, Wednesday, against government attacks on their pay, pensions and terms & conditions. On the day that Tory Chancellor George Osborne announced far reaching cuts PCS members showed what they thought of his budget, his government and their attacks on working people.
The strike was solid across the country with picket lines across every town and city. Strike rallies were well attended. PCS national president Janice Godrich said “Reports show this strike has been one of the best supported ever, by members and the public.”

Click on the links below for more info.

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The Scotsman – ‘Public sector workers strike across Edinburgh

Unite the Resistance – ‘Unprecedented solidarity for PCS strike

Austerity has failed – It’s time for a new approach

The credit ratings agencies demanded massive cuts to bring down the deficit, and George Osborne enthusiastically implemented them. Both have been proved wrong and we should listen to neither.

Back in February 2010, a few months before he entered the Treasury, George Osborne declared: “Our first benchmark is to cut the deficit more quickly to safeguard Britain’s credit rating. I know that we are taking a political gamble to set this up as a measure of success.” A gamble it was and how it has backfired on the Chancellor. Tonight, Moody’s became the first rating agency to strip the UK of its AAA credit rating (downgrading it to AA1), citing the “continuing weakness” in the UK’s growth outlook. Click here for full article from the New Statesman.