The City of Edinburgh Council have agreed to pay all tenants hit by the bedroom tax the money they need to cover the tax in full, without the need for means-testing or filling in forms.               Lothian Anti Bedroom Tax Federation delegates addressed the full Council meeting on 26 June.  Following the deputation, councillors unanimously agreed a motion from the Greens Steve Burgess  that “all qualifying Bedroom tax (under occupancy) Discretionary Housing Payment applications are appropriately backdated and paid in full without the need for a financial assessment.” Continue reading


The Scottish Anti Bedroom Tax Federation is delighted with today’s news that Westminster is devolving the power to lift the cap on Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) allowing the Scottish Government to fully mitigate the bedroom tax in Scotland. We demand that Westminster now do this urgently.
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Lothian Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation Meeting

10am Saturday 12th April 2014                                                                                      

Out of the Blue Drill Hall, 30-38 Dalmeny Street, Leith.

All welcome.

Scottish Victory Against the Bedroom Tax

The Scottish Anti Bedroom Tax Federation decided to have our National Committee on Sunday 9th February in the Glasgow Unison Offices. After the great news from Wednesday’s budget that the bedroom tax in Scotland is to be fully mitigated, Anti Bedroom Tax Campaigners have hailed this a Victory due to all of the pressure we have put on the Labour Party and the SNP forcing them to finally take action, effectively killing the bedroom tax in Scotland. Continue reading

Lothian Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation response to Edinburgh Council on DHPs

On the 1st October Lothian Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation presented Edinburgh Council with a list of improvements they should make to their Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) scheme. This week the Council responded, failing to agree to the majority of the requests. Read on for the Federation’s response. (DHPs are the money made available to effectively pay the bedroom tax for those that can’t afford it). Continue reading

Bedroom Tax – Council promise to boost Discretionary payments as non-payment soars

“Hit by the bedroom tax?  Apply for Discretionary Housing Payment now!” That was the message from the City of Edinburgh Council meeting on 1st October where anti bedroom tax campaigners addressed the Corporate Policy and Strategy Committee. The Scottish Government has made a “game-changing” £20 million available and at this meeting Edinburgh Council authorised officials to immediately start paying out more Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP). Continue reading

No Bedroom Tax! Protest at Edinburgh Council

Anti-Bedroom Tax Protest and Delegation to City of Edinburgh Council

9.15am Tuesday 1st October 2013

City Chambers, High St

Meeting of Corporate Policy and Strategy committee starts 10am. Come with placards and banners to make your feelings known. A delegation from the Lothian Federation of anti bedroom tax groups will speak at the meeting and emphasise the hardship caused by the tax. Continue reading

Bedroom Tax – Edinburgh Council “attacking disabled people”

Anti bedroom tax campaigners from around the Lothians have met in an emergency meeting and issued a statement condemning City of Edinburgh Council’s policy of quizzing people on their expenditure on alcohol, cigarettes and satellite TV and using this information in deciding whether to award tenants Discretionary Housing Payment.

“This has led to newspaper reports portraying DHP claimants as scroungers and wasters. In fact research by the Scottish Government and COSLA reveals that at least 80% of households affected by the bedroom tax contain disabled people,” state the Lothian Federation of Anti Bedroom Tax Groups. Continue reading

Lothian Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation Meeting

10am – 12 noon Saturday 6th July 2013                                                                                         Out of the Blue Drill Hall, 30-38 Dalmeny Street, Leith.

All welcome.


Lothian Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation meeting

10am Saturday 15th June 2013                                                  Out of the Blue, 36 Dalmeny Street, Leith.

All are welcome to attend. On the agenda will be reports from branches and building for upcoming events including the Austerity Uncovered Conference.