Save Social Care! – Petition

George Osborne: Save social care! Let me and all disabled people live with freedom and dignity.            Petition by Angela Murray (Click here to sign)

I’m a 28 year old woman but if they take away my social care it’ll be the end of my life. I’m disabled but I want to enjoy life the way any other young woman can. Thanks to social care I have two volunteer jobs, I can go shopping, see my friends.

But because of the cuts they’re threatening to take this support away Continue reading

Resistance to the Bedroom Tax – what you can do

1. Sign the petition to City of Edinburgh Council.  Ask your friends, family and neighbours to do the same.
The City of Edinburgh Council currently has a policy of evicting tenants if they cannot pay rent. Please sign the petition calling on the City of Edinburgh Council not to evict tenants who fall into rent arrears if it is shown that their failure to pay rent is due to lack of benefit income. You must live in Edinburgh to sign this petition. 

2. Sign the petition to the Scottish Parliament at: 

3. Put a resolution to your trade union, tenants group and/or community group. Click here to download model resolution.

4. Tell your friends, family and neighbours; leaflet your street or hand leaflets out at your work – printed leaflets and stickers will be available at upcoming meetings of Edinburgh East Save Our Services, Greater Leith Against The Cuts and North Edinburgh Fights Back.

5. Join us in street leafleting - more details at local anti cuts meetings. Click here to download leaflet.